First HIIT comes from High-Intensity Interval Training, or High Intensity Interval Training, which bases its method on the practice of physical activity alternating short moments of intense anaerobic exercise, in which it is sought to raise the heart rate, with less intense periods of lowering of pulsations and partial and incomplete recoveries before starting again with the most demanding exercises.

Nowadays they are very fashionable and you will surely see in your sports centre many people doing this type of training, either individually or in groups, guided by an instructor. If you have not yet decided, read this and you will be convinced:

Benefits of HIIT training

  • Loss of body fat more effectively. You will continue to burn calories after having trained since the intensity of exercise accelerates the metabolism. The HIIT training manages to multiply the growth hormone, which, in addition to increasing the calorie burn, slows ageing keeping your body in better shape.
  • Improvement of aerobic and anaerobic capacity, increasing resistance. Thus, you will take more time to feel the fatigue, thus enduring greater intensity in the exercise.
  • Increases muscle tone. You will lose fat but not muscle, always accompanying the training of a proper diet.
  • Suitable for people suffering from diabetes, as it helps increase glucose consumption and improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Less time for better results. With 20 or 30 minutes of HIIT three times a week you will get stronger and increase your metabolism. In a few weeks, you will begin to see the results.
  • Variety of exercises and activities. You can combine different functional, strength or power exercises, with race, bike or swimming training.
  • Increase self-esteem, seeing yourself capable of intense training that previously seemed impossible.
  • Greater socialization and sense of belonging, since you can do it as a group motivating yourself with friends and colleagues.

There are routines for beginners, as well as for people with better physical shape. The important thing is to start little by little, to have perseverance and, above all, to be mentalized that you have to train hard and exhaust the forces to achieve the objectives.

Before finalizing it is important to emphasize that, being a very intense activity, it is not recommended for people who are performing a hypocaloric diet, since they may suffer dizziness due to the lack of glycogen. Just as it is not recommended for people with heart or cardiovascular diseases, due to the problems that can cause an increase in blood pressure.

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