Heel Spur Shoes

Orthopedic shoes with heel spur. How to choose and how to save on the purchase of orthopedic shoes?

Heel spur disease is known to men and women at any age. Treatment of fasciitis is based on the relief of inflammation and removal of the bone spike, causing severe discomfort. Look tips for good walking shoes for plantar fasciitis.

In many respects, the effectiveness of therapy depends on whether the patient will be able to reduce the weight and shock load on the sore heel during treatment.

The effectiveness of reducing pressure on the heel and the entire foot is determined by the quality of the shoes that the patient wears.

In the article, we will tell you what shoes should be worn with a heel spur, how to choose it and what to do if you can’t afford orthopedic shoes?

What shoes to wear with heel spur?

The need to reduce static and shock loads on the affected fascia of the heel is due to the fact that the spike during walking increases pressure on the surrounding tissue. This delivers not only unbearable pain but prevents the regeneration of connective tissue.

Orthopedic shoes with heel spur help to reduce stress and protect the sore heel from additional injury.

Such shoes must meet the following requirements:

  • be made of high-quality natural materials;
  • have a stable heel up to 3-4 cm for female models and 1-1.5 cm – for male;
  • the presence of a high density, but not traumatic backdrop with a vertical axis is required;
  • the sole should be medium-hard, lightweight, non-slip;
  • the shoes should be perfect in fullness and size.

Special requirements apply to insoles in orthopedic shoes. They should have a thickened heel area, not crumple, absorb moisture, cushion the foot when walking. If there is no instep support in orthopedic shoes, it can be installed separately.

For example, the Strutz orthopedic arch support can be used with shoes of any type, performing the function of a heel shock absorber, which is especially important in the presence of a spur.

The cost of orthopedic shoes with a heel spur

Good orthopedic shoes will help get rid of fasciitis and many other diseases of the legs and spine. The only drawback of such products is their high cost.

In specialized stores and on-line sites, there is a wide selection of orthopedic shoes of European and Russian manufacturers.

Given the clear distinction between seasonality in our country, a person will need at least 3-4 pairs of such shoes:

  • fall-summer classic shoes;
  • shoes or low shoes;
  • summer sandals;
  • winter boots or boots.

If you play sports or go to physical therapy with a heel spur, then you will need sneakers with orthopedic insoles and soles.

The cost of such shoes is quite high, for example, Confortina autumn boots will cost 3,500-5,000 rubles, orthopedic leather sandals – from 3,000 rubles, winter shoes – at least 6,000 rubles. Stylish orthopedic shoes for women with a heel spur will cost even more.

Not everyone can afford to spend such sums of money on the purchase of shoes. In this case, an excellent solution would be to use ordinary high-quality shoes that you wear every day, in combination with special orthopedic insoles or heels. Attention! Never buy cheap orthopedic shoes. Such products are short-lived, quickly lose their shape and do more harm than good.

How to make medical shoes with heel spur without extra spending?

Insoles and heel shoes will help to make therapeutic orthopedic from any shoe, subject to the following conditions:

  • products will be selected the right size;
  • product selection will take into account the anatomical features of the owner.

Insoles are chosen in the same way as orthopedic shoes – taking into account the type of flat feet, structural features of the foot, body weight, sweating, etc. It is excellent if the orthopedist recommends and helps you choose the insoles.

If you choose products yourself, we recommend that you study our top 10 insoles with a heel spur, in which different options are presented.

According to experts and patients themselves, the best insoles in the presence of a bone spike on the heel are the “Concept-Antishock”. These insoles have all the necessary functions: they support the arch of the foot, absorb the heel, evenly distribute the load on the feet, fix the legs in the correct position.

For people with a special anatomical structure of the foot, “Individual” insoles are suitable; those suffering from excessive sweating of their feet will appreciate the “Antibacterial” products.

Another way to remove the load from the sore heel is to wear special heel pads. The use of these orthopedic appliances reduces pain and helps to quickly return to full life even with a bone growth on the heel.

The most popular types of heel pad are silicone, they are conveniently located in shoes and give the heel an elevated position. He will get acquainted with the list of the top 5 heel pads for spurs, and you can choose the best option for yourself on our website.

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