Something that is linked, of course, to the purpose of eating healthy, eating a balanced diet and drinking less alcohol.

Well, of all those good intentions, the ones we tend to fail most often are, precisely, losing weight and keeping us in good physical shape. They are usually the first we abandoned. Only 12% of our peers achieve what is proposed at the beginning of the year.

An important factor, for example, that greatly influences to go to the gym and not abandon the first exchange, is to sign up with our friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc., because we are united by the same objective and will find it easier achieve it.

Focusing on the challenge of losing weight in the coming months, the fundamental thing is that we are aware that we must change our habits progressively with will and perseverance without falling into the temptation to frustrate ourselves if we do not get immediate results.

If our ideal is to lose fat and generate muscle, we must practice sport yes or yes. It’s the only way. It may be enough to train half an hour four days a week. Of course, trying by all means not to miss this appointment.

Another element to keep in mind to lose weight is to get enough sleep. The ideal, you know, is to rest between 7 and 8 hours. In addition to helping to be less stressed and less tired, it is proven that sleeping the right hours facilitates weight loss. But more important than quantity is the quality of sleep. Some people have enough to sleep for 5 or 6 hours because they sleep very well, although the truth is that one in three Spaniards suffers from lack of sleep. And this disorder is not good for our waist size.

Moreover, when we make a diet to lose weight, sleep 8 hours we lose the same kilos that sleep 5, but with one important difference: it makes us lose twice as much fat. Therefore, to sleep more hours with quality is necessary to reconcile the sleep with ease. Dining two hours before going to bed, for example, helps the digestive process not prevent us from sleeping. Vitamin B5 is also useful because it lowers our cortisol concentration and, therefore, our stress level, as well as doing some cardiovascular exercise in the late afternoon.

In addition to practising sports and sleeping well, the other essential piece to achieve our goal of losing weight consists, logically, of eating healthy. So, you know, leave fast food, sugary drinks and processed foods and, of course, start to include more vegetables and fruits. Your challenge for this 2018 that has just begun will be much closer.

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