With so many events it would be normal to leave aside some daily habits due to lack of time and, unfortunately, one of the first ones we have on that list is the healthy routine of training. Of course, as in this month, you will surely eat a little more, you think that it would be better to leave it for after Reyes.

Since Inagua we want to tell you that this should not be so, do not kid yourself. We will help you keep the form with some simple tips to perform. As you know, exercise releases endorphins and improves mood and self-esteem, so all that typical bad conscience that you give us after these dates will not appear. With this, we do not want to tell you that you should deprive yourself of eating whatever you feel like. These are dates in which it is normal for the diet to be more relaxed, but that does not mean that we should fall into total dyscontrol.

Removing the days of celebration, sure you can continue to maintain a balanced diet the rest of the week, prioritizing vegetables over sausages, baked or cooked dishes instead of chips or fruits instead of those desserts as caloric, and So rich, I know. In the same way that it is important what we eat is when we do it. Maintaining the good habit of making 5 meals a day will allow us to arrive at lunch and dinner with the right hunger, and not with the anxiety generated by being there all day without trying to make a mouthful for the great banquet. This is completely counterproductive, as our body will enter savings mode by not knowing when it will eat again. Therefore spend the least and, when we return to eat, our metabolism will use everything we eat to store it in the form of fat just in case it goes back to spend many hours without eating. If, in addition, this food is very caloric, we have the perfect formula to accumulate kilos.

Another aspect to take into account is the intake of alcohol, which provides calories without nutrients, and sugary drinks, which abound at this time. Doing it in moderation is our advice since we know that avoiding them completely is difficult.


Returning to the time you can dedicate these days to your training, we understand that it may be smaller, but not non-existent. What is very important is that you are clear about what you are going to do each day, be it a guided class, fitness room or pool training. It is good that in these dates you give more importance to the planning since surely you have limited time for the number of social events that you want to attend or commitments that you should attend.

The directed classes usually last 50 minutes, so if you are clear about what you want to attend, you will not lose time deciding. Plan it with the help of sports technicians and try to alternate aerobic classes with those of toning or body and mind. At the end of the week, you can check that you have done a complete workout without spending a lot of time in the sports centre. Maybe you have in your training plan a class and complement it with a fitness room or pool, or even perform two classes. That’s fine for when you have time, but now it should not be an excuse to even go. Better a short and intense training than staying at home waiting for the time to go for dinner, and on top with the turrones and polvorones looking at us with affection.

From the sports centres Inacua we encourage you to continue with your workouts. Your body and your mind will thank you, noticing how you improve your physical condition without the feeling of starting from scratch in January. And if you usually do not train and you think it is best to wait for the holidays, we also encourage you to start in December. Beginning little by little your body will adapt to the exercise and you will not feel the need to make great efforts for the guilt that can generate eating a little more. In addition, you can cross off the list a goal for 2018. Learn languages ​​and travel more will continue to be a company.

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