If you already have one, you will have noticed the difference in your sessions. And if you still do not have it and you are thinking about acquiring it, we want to offer you good arguments so that you do not wait any longer.

Heart rate monitoring (HR) is a good tool to know the intensity of training since it will indicate if you are in the recommended work zone or not. For different objectives, there are different intensities, so it is very important that you can visualize your FC at all times in order to improve your training, either increasing the effort or reducing it.

The first thing you should be clear about is the type of training you will do based on the objectives that you have proposed. For this, it is very important that you consult with a coach who can help you design the sessions. Next, you must know your maximum heart rate (FCM), in order to know in which training zones you must move to reach the desired goals.

For this, the idea is to perform a stress test, as it will indicate the exact values ​​in which you must train. But if this is not possible you can choose the basic formula, which you surely know, with which you must subtract your age from 220 to find the FCM. It will be a more general result that will also help to situate you.

There are watches and activity wristbands that, in addition to the pulse, will tell you the distance travelled, the calories consumed and the hours of sleep, among other things. Even the most complete will allow you to visualize the map of the route travelled since they have GPS. There are both with the heart rate monitor chest as those who wear it on the wrist. Previously the first option was more reliable, but nowadays both are precise, so it is a matter of convenience.


Between the aspects to stand out of the use of the same we highlighted the following:

  • See in real-time the beats per minute and associate them with the sensations of each moment of the training, allowing us to better know our body and its limits.
  • Train at intervals already defined where the clock will indicate the correct areas of work for each moment.
  • Save the results for the subsequent analysis, where one can see different parameters of the session, such as time, distance, average heart rate, intensity peaks, etc.

In addition, with the activity wristbands, one can parameterize the steps and the daily calories that you want to consume so that the device indicates whether these objectives are achieved or not. All these data can be seen both on the watch or wristband, as in the app they have, and can even complete other data related to weight, daily hydration or food consumed.

And as a compliment, all this you can share in social networks with your friends and acquaintances, being able to teach tours in photos or videos with distance, the average per kilometre, etc. For more than one, it will be a motivation and it will not take long to try to improve yourself.

Of course, before choosing one, think very well what you are going to use it for since prices vary a lot and there may be features in the watch that you do not need and that makes it more expensive. It is not the same to carry out a directed activity in your sports centre, where you are probably interested in knowing the calories burned during the class besides the FC if you are going to run outside, where it is better to know the average per kilometre or obtain the map of the travel. There are even specific ones for swimming that count the strokes performed. There are many options in the market and the ideal is to seek the recommendation of a friend or colleague who already uses one, as they can advise you based on their own experience.

The important thing is to understand that the best way to train and progress is to measure what you do, and for this, the watches and activity wristbands are very good companions. They will give us real and truthful information in each training, allowing us to improve our physical form and make better use of time.

This gadget will help you to achieve your goals taking care of your health at all times. Do not wait any longer and start training with heart rate monitor, as you will undoubtedly notice the difference.

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